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Personal Injury

I have represented individuals with personal injury claims in Illinois and Missouri in a wide variety of cases. These cases include motor vehicle collisions, tractor/trailer collisions, slip and fall/premises liability, dog bites, defective products, and personal, professional and corporate negligence cases.

I have handled a wide variety of clients’ cases with injuries including:

  • Herniated disks in the neck and back
  • Rotator cuff tears in the shoulder
  • Fractured bones
  • Meniscal and ligament tears in the knee
  • Hip/Knee replacements
  • Scarring, disfigurement, burn injuries
  • Death cases

My years of experience have taught me that insurance companies generally try to settle personal injury claims with individuals while they are unrepresented for less than what is fair and reasonable value, or they deny claims putting injured individuals in a position where they must hire attorneys to litigate their claims through Courts having jurisdiction over their claims in order to try and obtain fair and reasonable compensation for their losses.

Generally, if personal injury cases cannot be settled out of court then the cases are presented to a jury for them to make a decision and render a verdict. Generally, the jury decides whether or not the defendant is liable for causing the individual’s injuries. Next, if the jury finds the defendant is liable for causing the injuries then the jury must determine the amount of compensation they deem to be fair and reasonable to compensate the individual for their losses.

The jury will render their verdict based on evidence that is presented to them during a trial. In personal injury cases that evidence may include all types of photographs of injuries, property damage to vehicles, and the scene of the incident. Other evidence can include police reports, diagrams, drawings, witness statements, ambulance reports, hospital and doctor’s records.

In order for a jury to render a fair and reasonable verdict in favor of the injured individual, it is important to preserve the evidence so that it can be presented to the jury at trial. Consultation with an attorney soon after an individual has been injured can help the individual determine their rights and responsibilities.

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